August 24, 2012

Graduating students, Class of 2012 share thoughts at Commencement

August 24, 2012

We are here today to express our honor and happiness, and also, our deep gratitude to the faculty and staff at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program for giving us a wonderful and unforgettable time together. As Italian author Amicis once said “study is hardship”, we have just finished two full challenging years of study, going through different levels of feeling: both scary and excited, both intensed and passionate.

We have learned both knowledge and approach. We have learned to open our minds. We appreciate the value of real learning from the lessons we were taught and the exercises   we were given. We have pushed the envelop, learning to be planners of our own lives before being policy makers. We have practiced basic principles that progess can’t be made without: be on time, 8:20, 8:30 and 13:30; be sharing and honest. We have been taught that we are free to learn from the others and acknowledge what we have learned. We have been taught to respect the others’ ideas yet believe in what we trust, too. We learned that it is good to ask what we don’t know, and be proud of what we have. We are here at the Fulbright School to share our ideas, beliefs and perspective and to yearn for them. What we have learned from the school will leverage our lives in future.

These are all unforgatable memories. We love this wonderful campus and its people. This love has empowered us to finish such challenging journey that we chose.

Best wish to the Fulbright school as it continues to be the alchemist to those who want to contribute and be better.

Dear my MPP3 friends, we have been together at the Fulbright school to share our difficulties and joyness, to support and care for one another. You are my friends, my teachers. And it’s my privilege to have such sweet memories with you all.

Goethe said “all theory is grey, but my friends, the glad golden tree of life is green”. I hope that you can keep the fire and responsibility, apply what we have learned from the program to keep the “glad golden tree of life” green.

Best regards to the distinguished guests, teachers, students and our beloved ones.