August 29, 2015

Graduating students, Class of 2015 share thoughts at Commencement

August 29, 2015

Good morning faculty members, parents and friends,

Dear my friends of Class MPP6, thank you for giving me an opportunity to express our love to all teachers and staff working at the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program.

I am really touched and felt like a tiny grain of sand in the flow of 20-year history of the Fulbright School, where the value is not only crystallized in the friendship between Vietnam and United States, not just the treasure of localized global knowledge, but also the teacher's enthusiasm. No words can express the gratitude of generations of mature students, including ourselves, when we talk about Fulbright school.

History of Fulbright school has given me pride which is difficult to be concealed, knowing that it was created not by me or you - dear MPP6. And today, we don't even mention the sleepless nights, the heated debates on social issues ... we just refer to such beautiful memories of our teachers and friends. The perceived value is not only the academic freedom, the diversified or opened mind with unbiased problem analysis... but also the strength of the spread as well as connected knowledge and the fellowship which make us more accountable. Probably we do not need to tell you about the role of the state or the market, civil society ... It is time for us to talk about the social responsibility for imparting the knowledge that we absorbed. We have enough confidence and desire to come back to our normal lives which are very challenging.

Over the last year, I had the chance to experience more in the new land, from Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Bac Can, Ninh Thuan and now to Soc Trang. I see the poverty everywhere I go. The people here, they only recognize the minimum needs for their family lives, such as food, clothes... unknowing to the basic requirements such as education, clean water, health care ... not to mention the quality of life or liberty ...

Imagine if after 30 years, our children still live in a country with worries about the environment, education, healthcare, macro instability ... It is no longer the responsibility for the community but also the responsibility for the future life of each of us. It requires you and me to plunge headlong into social life no matter where we are. By our knowledge, don't hesitate to do something in order to contribute to the economic and social well- being of our country. I think this is also the expectation of the creators as well as the teachers of this Master public policy program. Today, after the graduation ceremony, the class of MPP6 is considered as a part of the history of the Fulbright school. You are proud to be a member of the Fulbright school, it's time to make the Fulbright school proud because of you. I wish you have a meaningful trip to the field and make yourself become worth living.

Once again from the bottom of my heart, on behalf of all class MPP6, I would like to thank to the teachers and the staff of the Fulbright school who were our companions as well as our fulcrum in two years. I would like to thank to the US Department of State, the Vietnamese government and related agencies who created a meaningful program of education. Its value has overcome ideological differences in order to spread the universal knowledge as well as to bring the two nations closer together.

Thank you very much.