Ha Giang Executive Training Program (as part of the Ha Giang Project)

The program was specifically designed for public officials in Ha Giang province by the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM) during 2017 – 2018 under the three consecutive training workshops organized in parallel with the research project “Economic restructuring strategies for Ha Giang Province from 2017-2020 and outlook towards 2030.” The program was based on the findings of the study “Economic restructuring through changing growth model and sustainable development for Ha Giang Province from 2015-2020, outlook towards 2030” carried out by the FSPPM research group collaborating with the Institute of Public Policy (University of Economics, HCMC) in 2016.

The training sessions were designed and adapted for different participants from senior provincial leaders to department heads, managers and consultants. Representative local firms also participated and discussed in these sessions.

The workshops provided participants with advanced knowledge and theories in management and regional development. They also relayed the research findings and policy discussions relating to key issues in the province, preparing local consultancy groups to explore proper strategies for Ha Giang province in next periods. As a result, the training sessions were designed using inputs from action plans proposed by local government with the aim of expanding and promoting strategies and perceptions specified in these action plans to local residents and all economic actors.

Distinctive features of this project were innovative and collaborative design, organization and implementation of training programs, effectively delivering research findings and insights to participants.