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Financial Analysis
Quantitative Methods 2
Quantitative Methods
Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy Applications
Research Methods 2: Econometrics
Microeconomics for Public Policy
Appraisal of Public Investment
Macroeconomics - Theory and Policy Applications
Applied Econometrics
Development Finance
Quantitative Methods II
Introduction to Public Policy & Institutional Analysis
English for Public Policy 2
Analytical Framework for Public Policy
Public Sector Economics
Development Policy
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Microeconomics for Public Policy 1
Public Management
Trade Policy
Policy Implementation
Law and Public Policy
Regional and Local Development
Microeconomics for Public Policy 2
English for Public Policy 1
Introduction to Public Policy
Public Governance
Policy Evaluation
Statistics and Data Analysis
Leadership in the Public Sector
Completion of Master's Thesis
Philosophy and Theory
Research Methods for Public Policy
Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy
Quantitative Methods 1
Public Budgeting & Financial Management
Policy Seminar Series
Managerial Economics
Microeconomics 2
Negotiation and Communication
Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy Applications (LM)
Comparative Public Policy
Microeconomics for Public Policy (PA)
Law and Public Policy (PA)
English for Public Policy
Public Management (PA)
Public Management (LM)
Appraisal of Public Investment (LM)
Appraisal of Public Investment (PA)
Introduction to Data Science
Macroeconomics: Theory and Policy Applications (PA)
Microeconomics for Public Policy (LM)
Law and Public Policy (LM)
Guidelines for Master's Thesis (PA & LM)
Completion of Master's Thesis (PA & LM)