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MPP equips both aspiring and practicing professionals in government, business, and universities—with a strong theoretical, applied, legal, evidence-based foundation in strategic management; leadership; economics; policy development, implementation, evaluation; critical thinking; and communication, negotiation and advocacy. Students also learn to define policy problems, design studies, undertake research, and analyze results.

Having pursued student learning outcomes over two years, MPP graduates emerge as Competent, Committed, Confident, Connected, and Competitive, in aid of improving public policy and decision-making in Vietnam as the country transforms to an advanced, globally-integrated economy and reforms the public service.

Students graduate with a strong commitment to public service and the principles, standards, and values that entails. Primary among these are integrity and accountability, impartiality, ethics, diversity and inclusion, and respect for others’ perspectives.

Master in Public Policy Program - FSPPM

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Master in Public Policy Program - FETP

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Public policy education and research for Vietnam

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