The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM): Creating the next generation of change-makers in Vietnam by equipping them with a strategic mindset, problem-solving skills and leadership potential for a rapidly evolving world.

FSPPM is distinctive in its curriculum which, in addition to closely combining advanced theories and global knowledge with a deep understanding of Vietnamese context, provides our students invaluable insights from leading policy scholars and practitioners. At FSPPM, we develop ethical, knowledgeable, and adaptable future leaders who continue learning throughout the course of their careers, developing collaborative methods to work among the different sectors, and addressing the societal grand challenges with a critical, strategic mindset.

World-class Curriculum

The Master in Public Policy (MPP) program at FSPPM is the only program in Southeast Asia that was accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) for a period of 07 years. The NASPAA accreditation offers many valuable benefits to our students, such as an internationally recognized degree, an environment for networking, exchange, or research opportunities, and a secure pathway to pursue higher education in any university around the world.

Talented Faculty with Real-World Experience

Our Vietnamese and international faculty bring years of academic and real-world experience and expertise to their teaching. They also conduct research relevant to social and policy issues, in which they combine advanced theories and global knowledge with a deep understanding of Vietnamese context.

FSPPM has a diverse range of full-time faculty who graduated from top universities around the world in their respective fields. FSPPM is also a crossroad for visiting scholars and practitioners from leading institutions, such as Harvard University, Duke University, or Turfs University, providing our students opportunities to interact formally and informally with exciting internationally respected talent.

Besides teaching, FSPPM faculty are actively engaged in a range of research activities, academic activities, and community and public services. 

Innovative Classrooms

From its early days, FSPPM has always been the pioneer in innovative teaching methods to improve our students' learning experience and outcome. Among them, case studies and "flipped classroom" are two most prominent methods. 

Unlike other theory-based programs, the MPP program at FSPPM enables students to solve a broad range of real-world policy problems using case studies method. Students can gain practical experience in policy analysis, work collaboratively to conduct research on an important policy issue and identify policy opportunities, and hone their critical thinking, analytical and leadership skills. Sometimes, students can meet face-to-face with the case owner to discuss and analyze their proposals. 

Unlike the case study method, which was applied in our curriculum from the start, "flipped classroom" is a new method that was implemented in 2018 to enhance students' creativity and problem-solving skills. The classroom expands beyond in-class lectures to video lectures, online discussion and interactions among students, faculty and teaching materials.

A Small and Diverse Community of Learners

For more than two decades, FSPPM has attracted a wide range of students from all over the country, with diverse socio and professional backgrounds. They are policy makers and consultants, university lecturers and research fellows, managers in public, private and non-profit organizations. FSPPM alumni work in many different fields and industries, including agriculture, mining, environmental, banking, housing, commercial, tourism, airlines, healthcare, education, energy, tax and public administrations.
This diverse student body produces greater learning outcomes and provides students with the tools and skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce and pluralistic society in which differences are respected and appreciated.

An Inclusive Alumni Network

The mission of the Fulbright School Alumni (FSA) is to foster excellence for FSPPM and its graduates through an engaged community where ideas and experiences can be shared. As our students graduate from FSPPM, they will be part of a lifelong community in which alumni can turn to each other, and to our faculty, to find trusted sources of advice and research. Our alumni have become top policy analysts or obtained leadership positions in areas of local and central government, higher-education institutions, nonprofit organizations as well as various other industries. 

Located in the Heart of Ho Chi Minh City

MPP students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of policy processes and analysis within economic, political, and cultural contexts. They benefit from living and learning in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. The city's diversity, geography, and innovative spirit provide MPP students with a rich laboratory in which to research, analyze and propose solutions to contemporary public policy issues.