Alumni Chapters

Upon graduation, graduates of the public policy programs and other programs automatically become life long members of the Fulbright School Alumni Network. See FSPPM Alumni Policy [insert pdf] for more details.

Given diverse geographical locations of the alumni body, the network will be organized in chapters. Each chapter would include alumni living and working in a province or region of more than one province, who then appoint a coordinator representing the chapter.

Provisional chapters are as follows including persons of contact:

  • Bui Viet Huy, K8, Red River Delta
  • Trinh Hai Tung, K12, Red River Delta
  • Le Thi Hong Mai, K10, North Central
  • Le Quynh Tram, K13, North Central
  • Le Vinh Quang, K7, South Central Coast
  • Ha Hoang Viet Phuong, K11/MPP4, South Central Coast
  • Chau Ngo Anh Nhan, MPP2, South Central
  • Nguyen Viet Dung, MPP1, Central Highlands
  • Phan Hong Quan, K5, Southeast
  • Le Trung Nam, K13, Southeast
  • Thai Truc Tho, MPP5, Mekong River Delta
  • Tran Ngoc Trung Nhan, MPP5, Mekong River Delta
  • Vo Hung Dung, FETP9, Mekong River Delta

As a formal structure for FSA has not yet established, a provisional executive body of volunteer alumni will act to implement different activities and initiatives regarding FSA’s development and its support to Fulbright University Vietnam. The executive team includes:

  • Tran Hai Yen K8/MPP8
  • Nguyen Thi Song Anh K6
  • Nguyen Do Phuong K8
  • Nguyen Nhat Anh MPP2
  • Thach Phuoc Hung MPP8
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Trang K8
  • Nguyen Huynh Thu Truc, K7
  • Le Trung Nam, K13