Towards a Big Urban Data Facility (BUDF)

A Case Study on Computational Investigation of the Connectivity, Resilience and Demand of the Bus Network in Ho Chi Minh City 

The first “big data” research project by FSPPM is initiated to optimize management and operational capabilities of the public bus system in Ho Chi Minh City. As part of the project, models to analyze the dynamics of public transportation networks are developed to objectively and comprehensively evaluate performance of the city bus services. This the first study attempting to evaluate the operational stability of the bus services using past GPS data. Particularly, These tool sets can be expanded to integrate other public transport modes (e.g. metro system) operating within the city.

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The Economic Development Strategies of Thai Nguyen Province and the Role of Samsung

FSPPM’s research project, “Economic development strategies of Thai Nguyen Province and the role of Samsung,” evaluates the competitiveness of Thai Nguyen province and analyzes the contributing role of Samsung to the area’s long-term growth. On these grounds, FSPPM proposes different recommendations for economic growth during the period 2021-2015 and the outlook towards 2035.

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Restructuring the Economy of An Giang Province

A break-through towards sustainable development. 

FSPPM becomes a partner with An Giang Province in the project “Restructuring the economy of An Giang Province: A break-through towards sustainable development.” The project is expected to become an important reference source for drafting the 15th Party Document of An Giang Province, from 2020 – 2025. This project is very distinctive. All research, policy discussion and knowledge transfer are interlocked to foster modern understandings of economic strategies and local governance structures. In that sense, breakthrough refers to changes in mission, restructuring the economy and progress in leadership and management perceptions.

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Developing Ho Chi Minh City into an International Financial Center

To realize the aspiration of not only maintaining its leading position in the country, but also narrowing the gap and moving to catch up with successful cities in Southeast Asia and Asia, HCMC People’s Committee commissioned FSPPM to conduct the project Developing Ho Chi Minh City into regional and international financial center. In 2019, FSPPM has completed Phase 1 of the project.

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