The Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM) believes that effective public policy training requires a sophisticated understanding of policy issues. This conviction drives an ambitious research effort, bringing together Vietnamese and international faculty as well as researchers and policy analysts from leading government agencies and universities in Vietnam and abroad.

FSPPM research generates case studies and policy papers which infuse its curricula with a closeness to practice that is a core component of the School’s approach to learning. It also creates intellectual capital, enabling the School to proactively engage in a dialogue with Vietnamese policymakers.

Our Research

FSPPM research teams are multidisciplinary and experienced in conducting research in macroeconomic, development economics, public finance, tertiary education, infrastructure, public investment appraisals, international trade, law and public governance. . A typical research initiative will be led by a senior FSPPM faculty member, who works closely with one of more Harvard colleagues. In many cases, Vietnamese policy analysts from government agencies or think tanks join the research team.

The School recognizes that statistical data may be unreliable or incomplete and that compiling an accurate picture of a policy problem requires a willingness to work in the field and strong partnerships with Vietnamese government agencies and the private sector. In a globalized world, a country cannot be viewed in isolation, and through its partnership with the Kennedy School, the FSPPM has access to a significant reservoir of expertise on the economies of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Policy Papers

FSPPM’s policy and discussion papers are carried out at the request of the Government within the framework of the Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP), or to address central policy challenges confronting Vietnam that the Government needs consultation. The topics cover a wide range of policy issues, from overcoming macroeconomic instability to reforming growth models and restructuring the economy.

Our policy studies appear in the form of academic research or policy analysis. With an independent, objective, and research-backed opinion undertaken based on a constructive spirit, FSPPM’s policy analyses have recently been recognized as having contributed to improving the quality of public policy discussion in Vietnam.

Please find our Policy Papers here