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Our vision is to become one of the Asia Pacific’s regional—and eventually global—leaders in providing quality graduate public policy and management education, as benchmarked against exemplary global institutions and the international public service education standards articulated by NASPAA

To attain this lofty goal, we engage in a program of continuous improvement seeking to make the Program the best it can be.

Our curriculum and courses are designed to teach students the knowledge, skills and abilities they will need to succeed in the public service, especially in government, business and universities.

Our Program adheres closely to the international standards governing the best universities in the world. Please see


FSPPM is devoted to advancing transformative, innovative, and inclusive public policy and management in Vietnam and the region. We integrate global and local knowledge into our curriculum to train aspiring and practicing professionals, managers, and leaders especially in national, provincial and local government; businesses and state owned enterprises, and universities. We draw our students from diverse demographic and geographical backgrounds. Graduates emerge as competent professionals with a strong commitment to public service values. Our research pioneers practical solutions to policy problems using rigorous, evidence-based, state-of-the-art policy analysis approaches. We proactively engage with policymakers, and public and private leaders and managers, and citizens in pursuit of the public interest, especially relating to Vietnam’s transition from a planned to a market economy.

MPP Public Service Values

The umbrella value encompassing our Program is the pursuit of Professionalism through the following principles and attaining standards in the field.

Commitment to public service (pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, economy and equity—4-Es; achievement; excellence; innovation), as reflected in …

  • Impartiality (objective, non-partisan, mindful of context; “frank and fearless” advice, constructive criticism, speaking truth to power)
  • Accountability (responsibility; transparency; goal attainment; stewardship; self- discipline)
  • Respectfulness (toward citizens, co-workers, senior officials, staff; culture of civility)
  • Ethics (obedience to laws and regulations; professional standards; codes of ethical behavior; personal integrity)
  • Inclusiveness (creating an organizational culture: collaborating, belonging, valuing diversity, respecting different points of view).

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