August 19, 2019

Unforgettable Commencement Day Of First Master Graduates From Fulbright University Vietnam

August 19, 2019

Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management hosted commencement ceremony for Master in Public Policy 2017-2019 (MPP19 – the first graduate cohort from Fulbright University Vietnam since its foundation in 2017).

Dean Vu Thanh Tu Anh, Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, shared in his commencement speech, MPP19 cohort entered the school during an important transition, acting as a bridge between the traditions of Fulbright Economics Teaching Program and Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management. During the past two years, Fulbright School have pushed forward comprehensive and profound changes from obtaining international accreditation NASPAA, launching and working on new concentrations (Leadership & Management and International Business Laws) and proactively engaging in policy research and consultant activities for Tay Ninh, Ha Giang, Thai Nguyen, An Giang and HCMC.

Dr. Vu Thanh Tu Anh, Dean, Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management, Fulbright University Vietnam. (Photo credited by FSPPM)

Internationally recognized degrees

Dr. Tu Anh noted, "One remarkable milestone heralding a new era in the school's development is on 26th July, MPP program of Fulbright School – the first public policy school in Southeast Asian – was accredited by NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration) for outstanding public policy education. The school has successfully charted its presence on the global map of leading public policy institutions. This achievement is made possible by enormous efforts of generations of school leaders, employees, students and continued support of valuable partners over the last quarter century."

Madam Thuy, President, Fulbright University Vietnam (Photo credited by FSPPM)

Mr. Tim Liston, Acting General Consul, U.S. Consulate at HCMC emphasized Fulbright's Master in Public Policy is built upon the traditions and heritage of Fulbright Economics Teaching Program in partnership with Harvard University. The program successfully trained over 2000 leaders for Vietnam in the last two decades.

Mr. Tim Liston, the Acting United States Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo credited by FSPPM)

Enphasizing that Fulbright's education is centered around public services, respect and inclusiveness, Dr. Ryan Derby-Talbot, Rector of Fulbright University Vietnam stated besides the intellectural power, Fulbright education strives to offer students directions, a compass, and set of guiding stars to help learners explore and develop individual talents, adapt to uncertain future environment, raise new questions and generate new answers. He expects graduates to use knowledge obtained at Fulbright as a solid platform for lifelong learning and further career development.

Dream big and reach high

Traditionally, one keynote speaker is invited to Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management's commencement. This year speaker was Mr. Bui Quang Vinh, a member of the advisory team to the Prime Minister, Former Minister of Planning and Investment.

Mr. Bui Quang Vinh, Member of the Vietnam Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Group, Former Minister of Planning and Investment. (Photo credited by FSPPM)

Mr. Vinh delivered an inspirational speech on economic reforms and innovation in Vietnam for the past three decades and described current status, existing barriers hampering the growth breakthroughs of domestic economy in the next era. He analyzed general opportunities and challenges confronting policy makers and public administrators, "you will also face challenges, that would include different and diverse thinking and perception about scope, content, and point of view of reform, as well as causes of barriers. You will face resistance, grounded by privileges created by the existing institutions to some people in the bureaucracy. There will be challenges that you find hard to overcome, that would include speaking out your stand let alone realizing it."

He advised Fulbright graduates, "never give in nor be complacent; do your best to improve the situation; don't let this hard reality bury your aspiration"

Graduates Nguyen Thi To Nga and Nguyen Hoang Minh Tan, on behalf of MPP 19, send their gratitude to lecturers and valuable learning experiences in Fulbright. They highly appreciate excellent lectures – leading experts in Vietnam policy community and outstanding training programs integrating global knowledge with local insights for practicality and modernity.


From left to right, Mr. Hoang Minh Tan and Ms. Nguyen Thi To Nga, MPP2019 students. (Photo credited by FSPPM)


"We discuss public policy issues, explore research methodology, understand macro and microeconomics, learn from teachers and friends' knowledge and their dedication for public services.


MPP2019 students, honourable guests, and Fulbright faculty members. (Photo credited by FSPPM)


On behalf of MPP 19 cohort, we'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our beloved teachers who disseminated their knowledge, passion and inspiration for us to dream big, and live with great aspirations and expectations.


MPP2019 students. (Photo credited by FSPPM)


Thank you are diplomatic words but educational values we receive from the school are real. In the future, our success and achievements certainly reflect Fulbright imprints. Commencement embarks a new journey and with knowledge we learn from Fulbright School, we are capable to contribute and benefit our community and society".

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