Nguyen Thi To Nga

Nguyen Thi To Nga

MPP19 student, 2017-2019 course.


Ms. Nguyen Thi To Nga is a Teaching Assistant of Fulbright School of Public Policy and Management (FSPPM), Fulbright University Vietnam. Ms. Nga is a member of teaching team members in Research Methods for Public Policy, Public Sector Economics, and Regional and Local Development.

Ms. Nga is now a lecturer at the Falculty of Taxation and Customs, University of Finance – Marketing. Her main research and teaching areas are Taxation and Public Finance.

Ms. Nga received her Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Banking from Banking University of HCMC (2007), and Master's Degree in Public Policy from FSPPM (2019). She also worked at Agribank Securities for seven years.