Law and Public Policy

Pham Duy Nghia
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Tuesday, 26/11/2013
08:30 - 10:00

Introduction: New challenges to government and law

- Expectation for the course

- Introduction

- Overall challenges of government and law

Thursday, 28/11/2013
08:30 - 10:00

Lecture 1. Overall law

Case study 1: Regulation on funeral and wedding

- Concepts of law, system of law, source of law

- Social function of law

- Theories to study law


- Peerenborn Báo cáo nghiên cứu về quản lý tòa án ở Trung Quốc, UNDP-Ban chỉ đạo cải cách tư pháp, 2011 (tài liệu chưa công bố) 1-35

- Pham Duy Nghia, pgs 9 - 42

Additional Readings:

- James Maxeiner, Different Roads to the Rule of Law: Their Importance for Law Reform in Taiwan, Tunghai University Law Review, No. 19, pp. 159-194, December 2003

The National Assembly 11
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The National Assembly 10
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The National Assembly
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Jurgen Kurtz
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By completing this course, students will be better able to:

- Discuss the role of the legal system with regard to public policy, especially its contribution to the development of a strong and efficient country,

- Recognize the rules of the legislative procedure and the relationship between public policy and law shown in this procedure,

- Develop the points of view, necessary methods and skills to evaluate the quality of law relating to a concrete area of public policy such as assuring fair property law, freedom of contract, free competition, and setting up a transparent and accessible system to resolve conflicts in a lawful orderly manner.

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