Introduction to Public Policy

Jonathan Pincus, Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Pham Duy Nghia & Vu Thanh Tu Anh
Date: 23/10/2023 18:00; File size: 247,990 bytes
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The course is centered around 6 themes as follows: (i) policy-making process and factors affecting this process; (ii) institutions and the role of institutions in policy-making; (iii) values and the role of values in shaping public policies; (iv) the role and relationship between government and market; (v) stakeholders and the role of advocacy; and (vi) political economic aspects of public policy.

Students are required to examine reading materials and briefly read through to prepare before the course starts (materials will uploaded/updated on Teams on 10th October 2023, 2 weeks before the course starts).

Class meetings consist of lectures by instructors and class discussions based on case studies. To get a sense of what case studies are and how to write policy memos, students can refer to two guidance from Harvard Kennedy School of Government:

  • Learning with case studies, Case Study Program by HKS.
  • Guidance on how to write policy memos, HKS Communications Program.

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