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Nội dung hoạt động
Thứ 4, 03/10/2012
13:30 - 15:30
Placement Test
Thứ 5, 04/10/2012
13:30 - 15:30
No Class
Jonathan Pincus Dec 20 Fulbright Two Americas.pdf
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Xuan Thanh Nov 8 World Economic Outlook Chapter 1
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Tu Anh Oct 18 Buddist Foundation of Economics
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1. Lower-Intermediate and Intermediate Class:

Class meets three times per week. One of the sessions each week is devoted to developing basic communication skills essential for studying and working in pulic policy environment.

In order to be able to read academic texts, students must develop a strong foundation in structures of academic texts at the sentence level. The course will familiarize students with these structures so that students are able to understand complex sentences in academic texts. The texts used in demonstrating these structures are taken from materials relevant to public policy and economics, which will also provide students with basic vocabulary in these areas.

Although the intermediate and lower-intermediate classes share the same syllabus, instructions and text contents in the two classes will be chosen to fit students’ English levels and to facilitate students’ learning process. Class instructions will be in both English and Vietnamese.

2. Upper-Intermediate Class:

Class meets three times per week. One of the sessions each week is devoted to reading materials from Introduction to Public Policy and Macroeconomics classes. The purpose of this is to familiarize students with academic readings and at the same time provide a chance for students to read research materials from other courses in the program in their original language. This activity will be accompanied by practice in writing annotated bibliography. Students will compile an annotated bibliography of the readings as part of the requirements for this course.

Students will go through basic stages in the writing process, from components of written texts, developing ideas, and evaluating reliability of texts to note-making and paraphrasing. The purpose of these classes is to familiarize students with integrated academic reading and writing. Writing practice is supplemented with other activities in reading, listening, and speaking in economics to provide students with essential vocabulary and grammar.

The course will be complemented with occasional sessions by FETP faculty on specific contents in economics and public policy, such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, and statistics. These occasional sessions will be on Thursday classes (dates to be announced).