Quản lý công (PA)

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Giảng viên phụ trách: Huỳnh Trung Dũng

Ngôn ngữ giảng dạy: Tiếng Việt

Why does public management matter? To whom does it matter? What can I do with it in my work and/or life at the end of the day? The Public Management course will try to address those questions, apart from other important topics relevant to the “management” of “public” affairs. The course is designed for those interested in improving the public sector, particularly of Vietnam, by both conventional and innovative approaches. Minimal theories yet more discussion, debates, practice and application would be adopted to examine current and future issues critical to the public sector of emerging countries like Vietnam, for instance, digital government, corruption, global affairs and impacts, and challenges to public organizations. While comparative international cases and lessons may be utilized, focus and priorities will be given to (or those most relevant to) Vietnamese cases or context. Upon completing the course, students will expectedly gain better mindset, approaches and frameworks for managing public affairs and institutions.